Coolest Dad Ever Fine With Daughter Posing For Playboy’s “Girls Of The SEC” Issue

  • Dan Fogarty

Auburn University has many proud traditions. There’s the annual rivalry game with Alabama, played since 1893 and fondly referred to as “The Iron Bowl.” There’s Homecoming, when students and alumni gather together to crown a Homecoming queen and participate in events like the Omicron Delta Kappa Cake Race. There are the famous Toomer’s Corner pep rallies, in which students have been throwing toilet paper over two massive southern oak trees since the 1950’s.

Then there’s Playboy’s annual “Girls of the SEC” issue, in which coeds from Arkansas, Mississippi, and, yes, Auburn, make a decision that will either a) cause a massive family rift and a bunch of creepy Facebook messages from quiet guys in their ENG 201 lectures, or b) be supported by your family… and cause a bunch of creepy Facebook messages from quiet guys in their ENG 201 lectures.

Luckily, for Haley Ann, an Apparel Production Design major with a 4.0 GPA, her dad was cool with it. Although he was “hesitant” at first, he is being “very supportive” of Haley Ann, according to her interview with The War Eagle Reader.

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And really, what choice do you have as a dad at that point? If you completely lose your mind over it, it will only push your daughter further in that direction, and one “Girls of the SEC” Playboy photo turns turns into a decidedly less-classy “Broads of Cayuga Community College” pictorial. So smart move, dad.

Also, we got a little background on how Playboy runs their “Girls of the SEC” operation.

“We shot my pictorial at a cabin in Chewacla,” she says. “It was during a huge power outage we had in Auburn that night so that made it feel even more adventurous!”

So, basically, it was shot in a dark cabin in a park? Where some would see a potential Dateline special, Haley Ann saw adventure. Oh, those crazy SEC kids.

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