Aussie Crowd Boos Tomas Berdych After He Refuses To Shake Nicolas Almagro’s Hand

  • CJ Fogler

Handshakes are supposed to be the ultimate gesture of sportsmanship at the end of a game, but lately it just hasn’t worked out that way. At the conclusion of a grueling five set match between Tomas Berdych and Nicolas Almagro, Berdych refused to shake Almagro’s hand, due to Almagro hitting him with a volley earlier in the match, as you see in the picture above. The crowd was not happy with Berdych, and let him know it.

Berdych was incensed enough that he refused to even acknowledge Almagro asking him if he was okay after getting hit, choosing to bear down and finish him off, but the commentators clearly felt Berdych was out of line. As the match ends you’ll see the handshake (or lack thereof), the shot that caused the tension and the crowd’s reaction to Berdych all through his postmatch interview.

Several of ESPN’s crew were asked about the incident after, and all universally panned Berdych’s reaction, one even going so far as to call him a wuss. He’ll be facing Rafa Nadal in his next match, and you can be sure he will not have much support beyond the player’s box in that match.

Video via ESPN.