Back From “Rock Bottom:” Jean-Claude Van Damme To Fight Professionally (Video)

  • Barry Rothbard

Jean-Claude Van Damme, “The Mussels from Brussels,” is returning to his roots in the ring. Van Damme will be facing off against an Olympic gold Medalist next spring in a K-1 style fight. Yep– and he’s FIFTY years old.

Scroll to the one minute mark of the video to hear Van Damme’s emotional remarks. Van Damme confronts his demons and graces us with this gem about his past:

I did my rock and roll type of life I’ve fell down rock bottom and I’ve got that spot following me about Van Damme is drinking, Van Damme is doing cocaine Van Damme is doing all that sh*t.”

Van Damme goes on to discuss how he’s let all the children out there down and fights back tears as it gets emotional. Here are the details of the upcoming fight, from MiddleEasy:

Before your head, neck and ears simultaneously explode with the news that Jean-Claude Van Damme is scheduled to fight against Somluck Kamsing, the first Thai athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics, be sure to take note that Van Damme has a kickboxing record of 20-1 with all of those wins ending via knockout. Now this is probably the time when I should tell you that Jean-Claude Van Damme’s last professional bout was in 1982.

Now Jean-Claude Van Damme has officially signed the paperwork to compete in a K-1 rules fight against Somluck Kamsing on April 2011 in Russia and we even have video of the face-off to prove it.

Is he really doing it for the kids? Or for the money? Van Damme’s body is a lethal weapon. Who cares! It’s Jean-Claude Van Damme!

No one should ever doubt Frank Dux. Between Bloodsport, Street Fighter, and Sudden Death, it’s a bit shocking he doesn’t own an Oscar. Look at those real tears up there. If you want real emotion, you call on Van Damme.

And that’s not even including perhaps Van Damme’s best performance of all time, with none other than Dennis Rodman: