No, Baron Davis Says, This Is NOT Him Pretending To Smoke Weed After Hitting A Three

  • Glenn Davis

Baron Davis logged his first action as a Knick on Monday, playing 10 minutes against the Nets and hitting a three. But the three itself didn’t get much attention. Davis’ gesture after hitting the three, though, raised some eyebrows. Why? Well, as you can see at left… Davis looked like he was pantomiming smoking pot. Davis, though, said he wasn’t:

To clear up rumors. I was kissing my hands after I shot the 3 last nite. Kissing the 3 was all I was doing. Stop fishing and hating plz

And – we’re almost sorry to say it, because it would have been hilarious, if also an awkward moment for any parents whose kids saw it and asked them what the man on TV was doing – that explanation checks out to us. Davis hit a three. Players make that hand gesture when they make threes all the time. Davis’ agent, Todd Ramasar, was even more forceful in speaking to the New York Post:

“That’s ridiculous anyone would insinuate he was making smoking gestures.”

OK, we get that he wasn’t doing it, we believe him, but… come on, man. Again, Davis’ explanation made sense, but “ridiculous” to think he was making a weed gesture? Look at that photo again. What it would be “ridiculous” to “insinuate” is that it doesn’t bear a resemblance, however coincidental, to the widely accepted gesture for smoking up. Our favorite “response” the Post got, though, was probably from the NBA itself:

An NBA spokesman did not comment.

If Davis had actually been doing that, the most fun part might have been seeing the NBA squirm. But, again, we’re pretty sure he was’t. Oh well – just an example of what has to happen for a non-Jeremy-Lin Knick to get attention these days.

Photo via New York Post