That’s Unfortunate: BBC Announcer Describes Japan’s World Cup Celebration As “Meltdown”

  • Ben Axelrod

When you consider that just four months ago, Japan was dealing with a devastating earthquake, a tsunami, and the meltdown of a nuclear power plant, the country’s improbable win in yesterday’s Women’s World Cup Final made for a moment full of joy and celebration.

However, the multiple crises that the country has endured also led to a regrettable choice of words by BBC‘s Guy Mowbray, who described Japan’s celebration as a “hysterical meltdown.”

While Mowbray’s choice of words was certainly unfortunate, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that they were intentional. As an announcer, Mowbray is required to come up with content on the fly, and for better or worse, the term “meltdown” is a part of everyday vocabulary, especially in the world of sports (just ask the Miami Heat).

It also probably didn’t help Mowbray that he was more than likely preparing to call a victory for the U.S., who was heavily favored, and was perhaps caught off-guard by the Japan victory in penalty kicks. Either way, it’s an unfortunate slip-up, but a slip-up, nonetheless.

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