‘Belligerent’ Rob Ford Scolded By Security At A Maple Leafs Game On Saturday

  • Rick Chandler

Rob Ford was disorderly but not drunk at a Maple Leafs game on Saturday night, and almost got kicked out, but not quite. So that’s progress, right?

A Twitter rumor went viral on Saturday night concerning the Toronto mayor. To wit: Ford was thown out of the Air Canada Centre for being drunk and disorderly. The rumor peaked and was disproven before the game even ended: turns out Ford was just drinking water, but did get “beligerent” with security and had to be warned to settle down.

Ford was “visibly upset” after being denied entry to an exclusive ACC lounge, said sources. Toronto Globe & Mail:

Councillor Frank Di Giorgio, who attended the Toronto Maple Leafs game with the mayor, said Mr. Ford was told by security staff that he wasn’t welcome at the board of directors’ lounge, which the mayor interpreted as retribution for his vote on Thursday against a plan by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to invest $10-million of city funds to expand BMO Field.

After arguing with security, Ford was warned to cool it.

So, no ejection: But when word got out on Twitter that Ford was at the game, fans flocked to meet him and take photos (see photo above).

Isn’t it time we stopped thinking of Ford as the “Tornto mayor”? Really, he’s our mayor now: the bloggers, the comedians, the blue collar guys whose hobbies include being fat, drinking to excess and running into fire hydrants with their crotch. All of ours.