This Is A Post Full Of Beyonce Halftime Show Gifs, Because You Deserve It

  • Glenn Davis

Beyonce performed at halftime last night. She reunited with Destiny’s Child, did “Single Ladies” with them and in general brought the house down with her every move. But suppose you missed it, and the raw energy emanating from the whole production. Afraid we’ll shame you for it, ask what the hell is wrong with you for missing an event nearly as hyped as the game itself (and up to that point in the game, more deserving of it)?

Well, we won’t. Instead, we’ll post a bunch of gifs from the show, because we love you and we want you to walk around for the rest of the day in a BeyTrance – and we’re pretty sure that’s what you want, too. Here you go. As always, you’re welcome. (Gifs [and photo] via F— Yes Beyonce, f—yeahqueenbeyonce, Complex, The Score, and here. Photo above via Getty.)

A grand entrance:

Stage theatrics:

The kick:


Things get weird:

She basked in the glory of it all:


She had help:

But ultimately everyone knew whose show it was:

Also, not a gif but come on it’s too good:

All hail, damn it.