Big Baby Jumping Into The Stands At MSG Was A Combination Of Pointless, Terrifying, And Hilarious

  • Eric Goldschein

Normally, you’d appreciate the hustle of a player who gives up his body in order to save the possession. But Glen Davis deciding to go after this ball served to confuse and terrify bystanders, and those watching at home could only laugh. At least the guy he took out was a good sport about it.

Big Baby, as color commentator Jeff Van Gundy so nicely pointed out earlier in the broadcast, isn’t having a great season. So perhaps he was looking to make up for his lackluster play by going all in on a ball that was clearly going out. Well after the ball heads over the out-of-bounds line, Davis goes flying over the first row and crashes into the seats, taking out one big guy in particular and making everyone else say either “Whoa!” or “Hey!” or “What the hell?”

Everyone from Jeff Van Gundy to me expressed their confusion as to why Davis would jump into the stands, other than that “guys like doing that, sometimes.” So true.

Speaking of confusing, the Knicks, without Stoudemire and Lin, are up 31 points at the end of the third quarter against the Magic. They were up 39 for a few minutes too. Huh?