Bill Murray Leading A Crowd Of Golf Fans In A Patriotic Cheer Is Strangely Inspiring

  • Glenn Davis

Welcome to what’s turning into something of an intermittently-recurring series here at SportsGrid, “Bill Murray does Bill Murray things at sporting event.” You’ve seen him at a Cubs game. You’ve seen him during a minor league rain delay. And most recently, he was filmed being Bill Murray at another of his natural sporting habitats: the golf course.

Specifically, Murray showed up* at Medinah Country Club in Ilinois, site of the upcoming Ryder Cup and currently the home of a pro-am kickoff event. And it wasn’t long before he was stuffing the Ryder Cup trophy in his golf bag and leading the crowd in a patriotic chant:

Not much to say there except: classic Bill. Well, that and that if we’d been in that crowd, we’re pretty sure we’d have entirely unironically joined in on that “America!” chant. Improbably, a goofing-off Bill Murray inspired us to kick some Euro ass. The man just has a presence about him, and we’re not even totally sure why. The only thing that coud make the above clip any better would be if Murray actually had snuck off the course with the trophy, passing only one disbelieving onlooker, telling them: “No one will ever believe you.”

*OK, fine, he was invited to play like everyone else there, but it being Bill Murray, I’d rather imagine him just showing up wherever he feels like, whenever he feels like it, with no one able to do anything about it because he’s Bill Murray and Bill Murray does what he wants.

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