Bill Plaschke’s Views On Destiny’s Child Nearly Caused Bomani Jones’ Head To Explode All Over Around The Horn

  • Evan Sporer

A few weeks ago, Bill Plaschke was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, trying to sweet talk Jack MacMullan on “Behind the Horn.” For those who don’t know, “Behind the Horn” is a series of YouTube-only clips capturing funny, off-air Around the Horn moments.

Well, today the veteran LA Times scribe was back to being the MVP of this little segment, this time telling his Horn companions he felt legendary (but different!) R&B groups Destiny’s Child and Wilson Phillips sounded very much alike.

What ensued was a gem, indeed. SB Nation’s Bomani Jones started swearing, and then Plaschke revealed Neil Diamond is on his “new hits” iPod playlist. The pop culture terrain is navigated clumsily, below.

h/t Bomani Jones’ Twitter