Bill Simmons Sounds Like A Man Who’s About To Launch A Highly-Anticipated Website

  • Dan Fogarty

Launching a website is harrowing business. In addition to making sure all of your logistical ducks are in order – the chain of command is in place, pieces are written, your bosses are satiated – you have to confront the scarier possibility that your new venture will completely suck.

What if it bombs? What if your new creation is buggy, or the content isn’t up to the standard that people expect of you? What if you push out a turd on launch day that is so stinky, you’re laughed off the internet forever? Even if you’re Bill Simmons, with an ironclad brand and a  “murderer’s row” of talent at your disposal, those irrational fears may or may not be bouncing around in your head.

Yesterday, The Sports Guy called into the Tony Kornheiser Show, and jokingly (but not really) alluded to some of his worries as Grantland gets closer to becoming a thing.