Today In Great Ideas: Blake Griffin’s Dunks, NBA Jam-ified

  • Glenn Davis

NBA Jam, among its many beloved features, contained ridiculous dunks. Guys would jump way, way higher than humanly possible and throw it down from insane heights. Completely unrealistic – and that’s exactly why everyone loved it.

Well, as it so happens, ridiculous dunks are also the most beloved feature of Blake Griffin’s actual game. That gave the video gurus at SB Nation an idea. You can see the fruits of that idea below. We have to say, before actually watching the video, we expected it to be a straight-up video game recreation of reality. The fact that it’s the actual highlight footage but made to look like a video game pushes things up another level. Well, either it’s highlight footage, or technology has finally gotten too good and is about to destroy us all. On the off chance it’s the latter, watch and decide: worth it?

[Eye on Basketball]