Blake Griffin Declared Winner Champion Of Chicken-Dance-Off With Chicken

  • Glenn Davis

A while back, it was revealed Blake Griffin would be a guest on Sesame Street this upcoming season, and ESPN posted a preview clip of Griffin acting like a chicken. Why was Blake Griffin acting like a chicken? Now that the season is about to premiere and the full segment is out, we have our answer: Blake Griffin was acting like a chicken to be a CHAMPION.

Nicely done, Blake – one issue, though. Griffin is magically zapped up out of nowhere by a talking puppet during a game? It’s a ridiculous scenario… because the NBA isn’t in season. Sure, the segment was filmed months ago, while the Clippers were still playing, but how many people watching will know that? Way to strain the limits of believability, guys. Also: can we make “Blake Griffin competes against fictional chickens” a recurring thing? I even have an idea for the next installment: Griffin vs. Futurama’s Hyperchicken in a lawyerin’ contest. Give ’em hell, Blake.

[The Basketball Jones]