Bob Costas (Bob Costas!) Rags On NBC’s Olympics Coverage

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Many viewers were none too happy with NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, but it wasn’t just those watching at home who had their qualms. It was the guy they were watching, too. Watch Bob Costas explain to Conan O’Brien (like a boss) just how NBC screwed the pooch so badly (via Huffington Post).

OK, so Bob’s particular dig had little to do with the biggest gripe, which was the tape delay and inevitable spoiling of the Olympics’ marquee events. But he still covered a huge base here. I mean, how many people do you know came up to you the day after the Closing Ceremonies and said “Man, I’m so glad NBC cut off The Who to show Animal Practice. I just love that Anthony Anderson.”

No. Nobody loves Anthony Anderson.

But especially not Bob Costas, who hesitated to even call Animal Practice a comedy. Alas, that wasn’t even the deepest cut in NBC in the conversation. That came when Bob said that Conan knew first hand that when it came to making tough calls, NBC usually got it right.

Welcome to Burn City, pop: NBC.