Red-Eyed, Vodka-Swilling Bob Costas Is A Winter Olympics Meme Machine

  • Rick Chandler

If Bob Costas’ Winter Olympics broadcasts haven’t won you over by now, there’s no hope for you. His set makes it look like he’s trapped in the movie “Frozen.” He has pink eye. John McCain is sending him hate messages. He’s guzzling vodka on the air.

Costas is a human meme machine, and he just may have saved this Olympics.

This is the second Winter Olympics in a row that Costas has become the center of attention for something unrelated to athletics. In Vancouver in 2010, when Canada rolled out the first of several huge inflatable beavers during the closing ceremonies, Costas famously observed: “And now the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver.” And that’s all anyone could talk about for the next month.

And now this: apparently Costas has pink eye, and it’s spreading. Half of the world is grossed out, and the other half is producing a virulent social media meme:

But there’s more, like NBC’s Sochi studio, which makes Costas look as if he’s broadcasting from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude:

Costas guzzling vodka with Mary Carillo:

Costas being denounced by Sen. John McCain.

And these Games have just started, folks.