SportsGrid Asks The Big Questions: Who Was Better At Quoting Hip Hop Lyrics, Bob Costas, Or Bob Ley?

  • Glenn Davis

Let’s just cut to the chase here: last night on MLB Network, Bob Costas did this:

Now, we’ve had our issues with Costas in the past, but give the man credit where it’s due – that was an enjoyable bit of television. Yeah, sure, he still did the “Note: we are not condoning this behavior” thing (about a line that was pretty tame, all things considered), but at least it was in a light-hearted way – plus he probably had to say something like that.

And it got us thinking back to something that happened a couple years ago, when a different buttoned-down sports journalist named Bob quoted hip hop lyrics (well, a lot of hip hop lyrics) on the air. We refer, of course, to that moment full of wonder when Bob Ley read from “Blow the Whistle” by Jay-Z (whose foray into sports agent-dom, it seems, inspired that Costas segment above):

So the question is: who did it better? Yeah, Ley had a bit of a hiccup in there, but he was tasked with quoting so much more than Costas was that we still have to give him the edge. Not that we think Costas isn’t capable, though… and the only way to prove it is for him to recite more lyrics on air. Like, say, an entire verse of the track in question:

Every album that I drop has got more than ten bangers
That’s cause I’m a shot caller, y’all fools is Crank Yankers
Ain’t a damn thing changed but the ice on my chain
To get chicks from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine
Now I roll up torpedoes, get blunted with rastas
For a hefty fee, I’m on your record like Bob Costas
I own so many jerseys I’m a throwback mess
I hit the cleaners and tell ’em I want a full court press

We believe in you, Bob C. Let’s hear it.

Note: I thought about adding some descriptor like “Which unbelievably white sportscaster is better…” to the headline in hopes of getting chastised by NewsBusters, but ultimately it might have detracted from the overall point. Plus it’s not like I’m any less white than either of them.