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Did Bob Knight Fall Asleep On Live TV Yesterday?

  • Eric Goldschein

At this point it should be obvious that Bob Knight does not give a crap about what you think. He’s not going to wear a suit, he’s not going to say the word “Kentucky,” and he’s certainly not going to be “awake” every single minute he’s on the air. Like a kid in school pretending he wasn’t nodding off in class, Bob Knight quickly recovers and acts like he was just thinking super hard about college basketball. What do you think, America?

Even if Coach Knight is just reading his notes, he’s really not at all invested in the ESPN broadcast. Wouldn’t we all like to do whatever the hell we want at work? Bob Knight, you’re a hero to working people everywhere. And props to Digger Phelps who — like the guy in my 9th grade Spanish class who always roused me from a nap when the teacher was walking around to check our work — gives Knight a helping hand

h/t Business Insider