Bobby Knight Was Very Confused About A Very Simple Thing During Vanderbilt-Kentucky Last Night

  • Glenn Davis

Kentucky’s narrow 60-58 win over Vanderbilt, in which the Wildcats nearly blew a 16-point lead, was marred by controversy, as Nerlens Noel scored Kentucky’s last points of the game on a shot that appeared on replay to come out of his hand after the shot clock expired. Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings went ballistic, as one would expect a coach who thinks his team just got screwed to do. A coach like Bobby Knight, for example. He’d have lost it if he’d been coaching in this game. But Knight wasn’t coaching. He was in the announcing booth for ESPN. And when the time came to dissect what happened with this apparent blown call, Knight was… not all there:

As you can see, “not all there” is actually being pretty charitable about it. Knight knows the difference between the shot clock and the game clock. He spent his entire career looking at shot and game clocks, and he’s continued to do it as an announcer. Was he confused on what the controversy was? Was he not paying that close attention? Was it a simple brain fart? We’re with The Big Lead – we hope Knight’s doing okay.

Because this was weird. This was beyond a small misunderstanding – Knight had to have it spelled out repeatedly before he finally got what was going on. It was tough to watch. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time Knight’s mind was somewhere other than where it needed to be while on the air, but this was a new level of detachment from his surroundings for Knight, and if there’s not some logical explanation for why he had no clue what was going on (and we can’t think of any), someone in production needs to pull him aside and have a chat.