The Female Athletes In ESPN Mag’s “Body Issue” (Photos)

  • Dan Fogarty

Just now, ESPN the Magazine released their collection of tasteful nude athlete photos for their “Body Issue”. Our instant reaction: it turned out great. Above, we’ve highlighted some of the female athletes featured in the Mag (you can see the whole collection here) and we think the two best photos belong to Alicia Sacramone, who is naked on a high beam, and Natasha Hastings, who is naked with sneakers on. But that’s just our opinion.

We’ll have more on the “Body Issue” today, including some stuff on the behind-the-scenes videos and a post on two ridiculous photos that need to be discussed. But our instant reaction to this operation, on the whole, is a good one. Although, to be honest, we can’t imagine a scenario where we object to a collection of photos of naked gymnasts and sprinters.

[ESPN Mag: Body Issue]