Bomani Jones Tells LeBron James To Lose The Headband (Again)

  • Glenn Davis

Bomani Jones is no stranger to giving LeBron James advice on dealing with his receding hairline, and after winning Around the Horn today, he used his platform to address the subject again…only this time, he did it with a championship belt draped over his shoulder and all the increased credibility it brings.

Also increasing Jones’ credibility: he fully showed off his hairline this time, rather than wear a headband for comedic effect. Because his no. 1 message to LeBron was much the same as it was for his last lecture: lose the headband.

“You don’t have to hide; I’m not even much older than you. You’re not fooling us – it looks worse when you put the headband down like that. Just be honest about your inner George Jefferson.”

Indeed, there may come a time when a headband no longer covers up what’s happening on top of LeBron’s head. Can he successfully rock the shaved-head look? We’ll probably find out then. Video of Jones’ address below, via ESPN.