Just So You Know, The Nets PR Twitter Didn’t Just Start Becoming Weird Last Night

  • SportsGrid Staff

As you might have heard, last night, the PR Department for the Brooklyn Nets tweeted this gem:

Yes, that’s right. The Nets are 32-0 in their… 32 wins? After triple-checking that this Twitter handle was indeed not a parody, we here at SportsGrid decided to investigate further into just what is happening with this account. What we found is, well… this:

The “<3"s were the first visual sign that something is off with this Twitter account. Are the Nets trailing by love? Or less than three? Or arrow three? The emo middle-schooler in me is so confused. But not to worry, everyone, because Nets PR has got good news: not only are the Nets undefeated in their wins, they're also undefeated when Brook Lopez's haircut takes the court...

And hey, if you’ve been unlucky in love lately, might they suggest a marriage proposal at the Barclays Center?

Oh, by any chance do you like the Nets but not football? That’s okay, because six times in the history of the world, Super Bowl Sunday worked out well for you anyway:

But what about prominent birthdays? How well do the Nets do on those? Well, they’ve got you covered there too, because of course they do. Nets GM Billy King is definitely allowed at the game on his birthday. Mr. Whammy, the jury’s still out on you:

And not only will this Twitter cover media alerts, injuries, and obscure stats – it’s also your No. 1 source for keeping track of headbands.

But seriously, it’s really good for obscure stats.

Merry Belated Christmas, everyone. This Twitter is better than anything we could afford to buy you.

Photo via Shutterstock; Nets logo added by SportsGrid