VIDEO: Casey Heynes’ First Interview Since Body-Slamming Bully

  • Glenn Davis

Australian news program A Current Affair recently broadcast its interview with Casey Heynes, the Australian high schooler who gained viral fame when he stood up to a bully by body-slamming the child in self-defense. We knew from a preview that Heynes was acutely aware of his widespread support, and glad he confronted his nemesis, but what’s impressive about the full video is just how articulate he is, and how much composure he shows.

Heynes describes how he’s been bullied his entire life, talks about getting duct-taped to a pole, talks about his “friends” deserting him, even – in the most startling revelation – describes how he thought about suicide…all, somehow, without a hitch. Just as surprised by Heynes’ composure in the face of such adversity was his father, who was also interviewed and said he never had any idea the extent of the bullying his son faced on a daily basis.

Heynes also said that this was indeed the first time he’s reacted to a bully like that (“Everything just built up for three years”), and that he was afraid the rest of the people surrounding him at the time of the body slam would have joined in had he done nothing. And he doesn’t think he overreacted – we don’t blame him for not thinking so. And neither does his sister, whom Heynes credited with helping him through his lowest moments. Video of the interview – again, one in which does as well as any 16-year-old could be expected to – below.