Happy 50th Birthday, Charles Barkley

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Michael Jordan turned 50 on Sunday, and a big deal was made by all. It was justified, because he’s Michael Jordan. But today is Charles Barkley’s birthday, and we feel like a big deal should also be made for the greatest man on television, who also happens to be a former damn good basketball player… and the inspiration for one of the greatest nicknames in sports, “The Round Mound of Rebound.”

And what better way to pay tribute to 50 always-interesting years than with a few moments that sum those years up? We’ll begin with him backing up his (always outrageous) talk.

We must remember, too, that before he and Shaq were coworkers, they had a complicated history:

Who knew they would work together and produce this? This is an actual thing that appeared on national television.

But seriously, Barkley was a hell of a basketball player.

Happy birthday, Charles. Never change.