Charles Barkley On The Heat: “They Have The Worst Fans. No Question.”

  • Glenn Davis

Charles Barkley and Miami Heat fans have a complicated relationship. Okay, maybe it’s not actually that complicated; they pretty much just talk trash and make obscene gestures at one another. What this back-and-forth lacks in complexity, however, it more than makes up for in entertainment value…and judging by some comments Barkley made to ESPN Radio’s Waddle and Silvy yesterday, he’s prepared to keep it going.

First of all, Barkley continued his criticism of the Heat themselves. Previously, he’d called the team a “whiny bunch,” and yesterday, he did it again:

“Listen, if the Miami Heat were playing the Washington Generals I would pick the Washington Generals,” Barkley said with a chuckle. “It’s something about that team that annoys me.

“They just a whiny bunch and I can’t root for them.”

But we’ve heard that before. Barkley saved his real vitriol not for the Heat’s team, but those rooting for them:

“Yeah they have the worst fans. No question. It’s not even loud in there. You’re at the game and you are like, ‘Man this place isn’t even loud.’ At least when you go to Chicago, it’s loud in there, it’s crazy down in Dallas but it’s not even loud in Miami.”

Oh, Heat fans will love that one. TNT moved Barkley inside the last time he had a confrontation with Heat fans – now, they might have to move him into his own room where he fills air time by talking to himself. And actually, that sounds like it could be pretty entertaining.

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