Charles Barkley Cruelly Makes Fun Of Aging Basketball Player LeBron James’ Receding Hairline

  • Glenn Davis

LeBron James has a receding hairline. This hairline – and the way he covers it up with his headband – has fueled many of the jokes at LeBron’s expense over the last year or so. There was the previously-linked post, there was this Photoshop job, this Bomani Jones bit, a line by Tyler the Creator, and even a joke from…LeBron James. And now, Charles Barkley and Inside the NBA have joined in on the LeBron hair fun too…

First of all: wow, there is a lot of laughing happening there. Even Terry Bradshaw would watch that and wonder what exactly everyone thought was that funny. Don’t get us wrong, it was amusing enough and everything, but all of those guys were laughing so hard they could barely get any words out.

Also, the LeBron headband/hairline bashing has, for us, officially reached a point where we have to ask: is his receding hairline that bad that it warrants all this? Sure, at 27 he’s pretty young, and his hair situation figures to be significantly worse near the end of his career. Sure, it’s funny that he pretty clearly uses the headband to hide it. But…there’s a look at what we’re dealing with here. Hardly disastrous. Barkley urged LeBron to just shave his head and be done with it, but we’re thinking LeBron can ride this out a little while longer before fully admitting defeat. The balding process has clearly started, but he’s no Brian Cardinal.