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11 Things That Charles Barkley Actually Said

  • Evan Sporer

Chuck. Sir Charles. The Round Mound of Rebound. Charles Barkley is a man of many names.

He’s also a man of many quotes.

Since joining TNT’s Inside the NBA team in 2000 (and well before that, as a Hall-of-Fame power forward) Barkley has been known just as much for his off-the-cuff comments as his basketball conquests. From his thoughts on being a role model (he says he’s not) to noting the amount of black people in Oklahoma City (he says there aren’t many), Charles Barkley has said a lot over the years. So, in honor of all that talking, here are 11 things Charles Barkley actually said.


[Big h/t to Top 50 Charles Barkley Quotes, a great source of things that Charles Barkley actually said]