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Charles Barkley Presents His “Post Game Translator” App On SNL

  • Tom Lorenzo

Last night Charles Barkley took to the Saturday Night Live stage to not only entertain, but to help explain a few things to the average sports fan out there.

Barkley humorously introduced his latest app, “The Post Game Translator,” which helps explain the meaning behind those cliche-ridden, post-game rants. As Barkley explains, “some of those post-game interviews are full of nonsense.” It’s hard to argue against that. But thanks to Barkley’s new app, we are now able to actually cut through the “B.S.,” as Barkley puts it.

“When you don’t win, you’re a loser.” That’s almost too perfect. It was great to see, too, that in a span of a minute he was able to cut down Rex Ryan, Kobe Bryant, the Miami Heat and even take a shot at himself. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this app would certainly come in handy when watching Inside The NBA.

Video via CJ Fogler