Charles Barkley Pays The Tonight Show With Jay Leno A Visit

  • Glenn Davis

Given that Charles Barkley has a reputation for saying whatever is on his mind at all times, he’s a natural talk show guest, so last night, Jay Leno welcomed him to The Tonight Show. He talked his weight loss, college, politics, LeBron James, and even Twitter.

Barkley said he’s lost 40 pounds, but wants to drop 85 total. The topic quickly changed to LeBron’s “Rise” ad, specifically the “Hi Chuck” shoutout Barkley received. Barkley harbored no ill will, and called LeBron the best player in the world, though he also said he’s “sensitive.”

The two also touched on Barkley’s college experience (he said he’d be considered a freshman if he went back to get his degree, and we’re not sure if it was a joke or not), his new website, Twitter (which Barkley said is “for losers”), and politics (Barkley no longer harbors any desire to run for office). Oh, and Barkley made his dunk contest pick –JaVale McGee (a.k.a. not Blake Griffin).

Video of the interview below, in three parts. Leno kept him around for a while, but of course never had to worry about Barkley having something to say.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: