Charles Barkley On Tucker Carlson: He’s A “Nobody”

  • Dan Fogarty

TNT basketball analyst and NBA hall-of-famer Charles Barkley is known for being outspoken. He once chatted about athlete dong with David Letterman, he once discussed how race played into the whole LeBron James “Decision” saga, and he once criticized Michael Jordan for his “Hitler mustache” (oh, and he also clued us in on the fact that terrorists wanted to kill the 1992 Dream Team).

So it comes as no surprise that Chuck had some thoughts on Tucker Carlson’s much talked-about comments regarding Michael Vick and dogfighting. At the time, Carlson said “I think personally he should have been executed.” Carslon later clarified, saying he obviously didn’t really want to see Vick face the death penalty.

Carlson, nevertheless, was in Barkley’s sights, and last night on “Inside the NBA,” Barkley finally got a chance to comment (see the original post on Mediaite here).

Referring to Carlson as “some idiot on another network,” and a “nobody” who “used to work for us for us over here,” Barkley said “We fired him because he sucked, now he goes over there.”

Here’s the full rant: