Charles Barkley Visits Conan To Talk Obama, MJ’s Hitler ‘Stache (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Charles Barkley is always good for sharing some blunt opinions, and that fact, combined with him now working for the same family of networks as Conan O’Brien led to him appearing on O’Brien’s new show, Conan, last night. Barkley used the time to discuss President Barack Obama’s basketball ability, his recent weight loss, and of course, the infamous facial hair choice of his good friend Michael Jordan.

Barkley said he’s never played with the president, and if he did, he’d fear a scenario like the other day, when Obama sustained a lip injury requiring 12 stitches while playing a pickup game. He did, however, note that the president is a “one-handed” player, and that while Barkley is now “an old, fat guy,” he would still “kick [Obama’s] ass” in a game.

Barkley got political at points, too, saying that Obama’s been too busy to play with him since becoming president, as he’s been “getting Republicans off of him with the right hand and beating these Tea Party idiots with the other hand.” (This is where we should point out that Barkley was once an avowed Republican himself.)

Aside from that, Barkley and O’Brien argued over which one of them is wealthier (each thought it was the other), discussed Barkley’s weight loss (he’s down around 50 pounds from his peak), teased Thursday’s Heat-Cavs matchup, and analyzed Michael Jordan’s inexplicable Hitler mustache in that Hanes ad.

Interestingly, Barkley said the test audience for the ad didn’t say anything for fear of offending Barkley, leaving him to wonder if he was the only one who’d noticed Jordan’s terrible mustache stylings. He also kept accidentally calling it a “Hitler commercial,” which O’Brien thankfully corrected – Hanes likely would not have been thrilled with that characterization. Overall, an entertaining segment, and we’d expect no less from Sir Charles. UPDATE: Better-fitting video now up top.

[H/T HuffPo]