D.C. United’s Charlie Davies Scores Twice in Return From Serious Car Accident

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday produced two inspirational sports stories that seem almost too good to be true – and believe it or not, neither was NCAA-Tournament-related. On the same night one-legged Arizona State wrestler Anthony Robles won a national championship, D.C. United striker Charlie Davies made his MLS debut after a 1 1/2-year absence from competition due to serious injuries suffered in a 2009 car accident…and scored two goals in a 3-1 win.

Davies didn’t start, but he didn’t waste much time making an impact, either, scoring on a penalty kick just 12 minutes after entering. 14 minutes later, he scored again. And looking at the list of injuries he suffered in that car accident puts into perspective how remarkable a return this was. From the AP (recap linked above):

“It just goes to show with faith, with belief in yourself, that you can achieve the impossible,’’ said Davies, who suffered a ruptured bladder, bleeding on the brain, a broken and dislocated left elbow, and broken bones in his right leg, nose, forehead and eye socket.

Wow. Video of Davies’ goals (and stanky leg) below, and below that, an emotional postgame interview. Davies also said after the game that his return is “just the beginning,” and thanked his fans, saying, “Your support is overwhelming and cherished.” We’re pretty overwhelmed by this comeback, ourselves.

The goals:

The interview: