Check Out The 20-Year-Old Butt-Selfie Goddess That Pro Athletes Shamelessly Follow On Instagram

  • Eric Goldschein

jen selter

Meet Jen Selter. Jen is 20 years old, and grew up on Long Island, New York. She currently lives in Manhattan with her mother. She does not go to college, because she has already gainful employment — employment that is based, more or less, on the size and shape of her booty.

Jen is very open about the fact that her butt has led to her success: she has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and that number will only grow as more profiles like this one from the New York Post drop and her photos continue to be disseminated across the web. Pro athletes like Amar’e Stoudemire and, um, Terrell Owens are among her followers.

Here’s a totally not-gratuitious video of the Barstool Sports guys “working out” with her:

There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, when openly lusting after a 20-year-old girl was considered, if not downright perverted, rather creepy. It’s a testament to the power of the Internet that not only do disgusting men with shameful, semi-anonymity-driven ids feel comfortable following young women to whom they are strangers (and posting comments like “My dick in you ass -@mario_neta23”), but that the girls feel comfortable enough to add themselves to the world’s collective spank bank.

Not that there’s anything wrong in what Selter is doing, of course. She’s no different from the thousands of other beautiful women who make a living in the modeling-fashion-nutrition-fitness world, with the difference being that she appears to have done an… ass-ton of work by herself. She’s self-made.

But c’mon, Amar’e, and Terrell, and probably many others — you know you aren’t following her for the fitness tips. And despite what Selter says about never posting “raunchy” pictures, we all know what these photos are and who they’re intended for.

That all being said, we are unabashed in our use of the Internet’s tricks of the trade in getting hits, and the vast majority of the people who came to this page are not reading a single word that was written here. They saw the headline, they clicked, and then they scrolled down for the pictures of the butt-selfie goddess. Based on the amount of traffic our Paulina Gretzky and Michelle Jenneke posts get, we have, for the time being, no choice but to share these photos with you.

Plus, I mean, you have to see this girl’s butt. We’ll include some of the creepiest comments, so you can feel better about yourself, assuming you didn’t leave one of said comments.

UPDATE, 2/26/14: We thought we’d update this slideshow with some more recent photos, this time with an emphasis on the public, city-as-gym workout photos she likes to take, because they’re ridiculous. Squatting in front of a loading dock? If you say so, Jen. Props, though:


All photos via @JenSelter on Instagram