Chris Berman’s Awful Graduation Speech Is Already Becoming Legendary

  • Rick Chandler

ESPN’s Chris Berman gave a new definition to the term “rambling remarks” last Friday when he attempted to give a graduation speech at Greenwhich High School in Connecticut. In times past (like, when Berman started at ESPN, several epochs ago) this would have gone unnoticed. But because there were some graduates actually live tweeting his remarks, soon piratically the whole world will know what a stinker of a speech it was.

Consensus is that the speech was practically incoherent — in fact, some parents in attendance assumed that Berman was drunk. The account was first reported by Deadspin, which had plenty of evidence but lamented the fact that there was no video. But then Guyism heroically came up with a clip (presumably from the end of the speech).

The whole thing was just a train wreck, evidently: it was like Berman didn’t prepare at all. Hey, they’re just high school kids — my presence should be enough for them.

Sample Twitter reaction:

The story of ‘You’re With Me, Leather’ is right here, in case you need a refresher.


Said Ryan, who was there to see his little brother graduate (and who asked us to leave out his last name): “He didn’t prepare for it. It was long and it was rambling. I’m not sure if it was 45 minutes—it felt like it was longer. I remember I kept looking at my phone for the time as it went on and on.”

That’s when everyone started to tune out.

“By the end of the speech he was difficult to hear,” Ryan told me in an email, “as everyone in the stands was talking among themselves and ignoring him.”

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