Chris Paul Passes Time During The NBA Lockout By Playing Family Feud

  • Glenn Davis

I’ve been a big enough Family Feud fan at points in my life that my parents once banned me from watching the E! True Hollywood Story devoted to late former host Ray Combs. With that in mind, I suppose if I can’t watch Chris Paul play basketball, seeing him play the Feud is as good an alternative as any. And there is a certain charm to watching one of the best players in the NBA playing with his family, just trying to beat out another everyday comically-thick-Boston-accented group.

It was actually our hope that host Steve Harvey would never acknowledge Paul’s fame and just act like he was any other player. Those who knew who he was would surely recognize him and be amused anyway, and for those who didn’t, hey, what would they care? Of course, there was also a certain charm in watching Paul appear to be a little embarrassed by the attention from Harvey, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Alas, based on the above sample, it doesn’t look like things went so great for Paul on the day. The prospect of a world-class athlete like Paul also being a Michael-Larson-like game show savant would have amused us for the rest of our lives, but it wasn’t to be. Just seeing him out there at all, though – especially with the knowledge that his family tried out without anyone knowing Chris Paul is famous – was a hell of a lot more fun than thinking about the lockout.

[The Point Forward]