Chris Webber To Miami Heat: “Quit Crying, The Media’s Not Going To Love You”

  • Dan Fogarty

NBA TV’s Chris Webber had some sharp words for the Miami Heat after they lost their fifth straight game last night: stop crying.

The Heat, who fell to the Portland Trail Blazers 105-96 at home amidst chants of “We Want Riley!”, are in a tailspin. After reportedly crying following their loss to the Bulls over the weekend, they were all smiles yesterday during practice, and blamed “Crygate” on a “sensationalist” media. But after another defeat, they were back in somber town.

According to Webber, they need to stop it.

“It’s the league, man. You’re driving a Ferrari, you’ve got an extra tire in the back. Play ball.”

Watch video of Webber’s message to the Heat here, courtesy of NBA TV.