Vikings QB Christian Ponder and ESPN’s Samantha Steele Are Now Engaged

  • Dylan Murphy

So much for Kacie. A month and a half ago, we all found out Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder was dating ESPN reporter Samantha Steele. Everyone immediately tried to pin Ponder’s poor run of play on his relationship with Steele, you know because other athletes don’t date women. So much so that Ponder had to come out and say, no, she wasn’t affecting his play. They had been dating since the beginning of the season, when the team was at one point 4-1. Story over.

The relationship, however, is not. According to SI’s Richard Deitsch, the couple is now engaged.

Well, then. Too bad the Vikings’ season is effectively over. And for what it’s worth, Samantha Steele sounds a lot better than Samantha Ponder.


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