“Yeah. S–t.” The Saddest TV Debut You’ll See From A Boxing Analyst Today

  • Glenn Davis

It’s a common tactic for televised sports: bring in someone who used to have some sort of an insider role in the sport for analysis. That’s why you see former coaches and managers doing color commentary. It’s why Fox brought in Mike Pereira as a rules analyst following his career as the NFL’s vice president of officiating. And it’s why Showtime brought in longtime boxing judge Chuck Giampa to bring in an additional perspective for its boxing coverage. Unfortunately, Giampa’s introduction to viewers…well, it didn’t go smoothly:

Nothing like the trifecta of “muttering/cursing on camera, dead air, other announcers pretending the awkward moment never happened” that the above clip offers. And you have to feel for Giampa some there – he’s just getting acclimated to this new gig, and then…that. You got the rough moment out of the way first, Chuck. It’s all uphill from there. And hey, at least the curse happened on Showtime.

[Sports Pickle]