CNN’s Anchors Enjoy A Chinese Male Cheerleader’s Sassiness

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

While China has been known to produce world-class athletes over the years, to the best of our knowledge, none of those athletes have been sequined-mini-skirt-wearing male cheerleaders channeling their inner Beyoncé. But new things are good, even in single-party states that don’t always go for that sort of thing.

A video featuring a Chinese student performing a dance routine with his university’s cheerleading squad has gone viral — amassing over half a million hits and causing quite a stir in the CNN newsroom. Oh, how they laugh at his saucy dance moves.

Since the individual has yet to be identified, he has been dubbed “Extremely Coquettish Brother” by the Internet at large.

Watch below as CNN’s Kyra Phillips and Zain Verjee discuss Coquettish Brother’s “diva dance routine” and attempt to drop as much hip-hop jargon as possible. To the left to the left, and so on and so forth.