Colin Cowherd Asks Jeff Van Gundy About Knicks Job And His Response Will Surprise You

  • Jake O'Donnell

As a Knicks fan, Jeff Van Gundy has always been the one that got away. His style of coaching — plus what we now know about his personality from almost a decade of broadcasting — is undeniably awesome. Surly, defensive, and smart, Van Gundy’s return to MSG would be any New York fan’s dream come true.

The only issue is the philosophical corner Phil Jackson has backed the Knicks’ coaching search into, limiting the candidates to “Those who know the triangle.” We think Van Gundy is smart enough to bridge the gap between their respective basketball ideologies.

So when Colin Cowherd took a shot in the dark and asked “Would you consider coaching the Knicks?,” we figured Jeff Van Gundy would make a joke about how much he dislikes the subway and then respectfully decline the offer because he’s happy where he is with ESPN. He didn’t do that.

Apparently, he’s down.

Here’s what he had to say (skip to the 3:00 mark).