Colin Cowherd Chimes In On John Wall Fight: He’ll Always Be “Marbury Over Magic”

  • Dan Fogarty

John Wall is not a favorite of ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd. Back in November, Cowherd went on a bit of a rant regarding Wall, saying that the rookie’s decision to do a brief dance before a game reflected poorly on his IQ and leadership skills.

A week later, he targeted Wall again, this time repeatedly asking “Who’s your Dad?” Cowherd was trying to prove a point about player’s with dads having better leadership skills (I think), but it looked bad considering the fact that Wall’s dad is dead.

Cowherd has been relatively silent on Wall since then. But last night, Wall was ejected from a game, so Cowherd took the opportunity to talk about him. Here’s what he said, according to Dan Steinberg:

People think I’m the antagonist with John Wall. Great young talent, goes to the NBA, does the Dougie his first time out, which I thought was pretty repulsive and immature. John Wall has been at times brilliant, at times irrelevant, mostly irrelevant this year.

For the second time this year, he was ejected from a game. Threw a punch last night, although the John Wall fans will say he was provoked. He wasn’t. Miami’s Zydrunas Ilgauskas, like anybody in the NBA, has a right to personal space. You have a right to grab a ball and extend your elbows. That’s all he did.

John Wall, it should be noted, remains a terrific young talent. Ejected twice, high-fived fans on the way out, and I’ll say it again: he’ll make seven All-Star teams to eight, but he’ll always be Marbury over Magic. I still question his leadership. But I’ll say this. he’s fun on this show to discuss.”

In case you didn’t get the comparison, Stephon Marbury is a former NBA player known for sulking, overall craziness, and being kind of a nightmare for the Knicks.

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