Colin Cowherd Thinks College Athletes Should Be More Like Jesus

  • Timothy Burke

Colin Cowherd claimed athletes who accept improper benefits “lack ethics” and urged them to be more like Jesus on his The Herd With Colin Cowherd radio program Thursday morning.

Responding to arguments that it’s reasonable for poor college students to accept cash or other benefits, Cowherd said “Jesus was a pauper” and that being poor does not excuse one from lacking “ethics” and “taking money that isn’t theirs”:

The full text of his rant:

One of the things yesterday, during that whole Miami football scandal, you know, one of the lamest excuses people use all the time is these Miami players are poor and so they took payouts. That’s a lame excuse for lacking ethics. Being poor, rich and poor in morality are separate issues, ok? The man, Jesus, was a pauper, ok? He didn’t care about material things and watches and yacht trips. And you’re poor. Nobody is — nobody lacks ethics because they’re poor. There are millions of Americans who are categorized financially as poor who have ethics and don’t take things that belong to them. The truth is, though, people don’t like to admit their faults. Very few people will own their own baggage. That’s why therapy is good for all of us. So people make excuses for doing things. I’m poor so i took $30,000 from a booster. No, you lack ethics, and you just happened to be poor. But a lot of poor people don’t take money that’s not their money.

In Cowherd’s world, taking money that’s being offered to you is “not your money,” which I suppose means every time Cowherd cashes his paycheck it’s stealing.

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