Colin Cowherd Says John Tortorella Treats Reporters Like Subhumans Because “Young, Cheap People” Cover Hockey

  • Glenn Davis

What day is it? A day? Any day at all? Well, then that must mean Colin Cowherd is pissing people off again. And this time, it’s on a subject seemingly less controversial than, say, Duke and the “thug issue” or Roger Goodell supposedly being a dad to NFLers who never had one or John Wall’s dancing. Today, Cowherd was talking about… the brevity of Rangers coach John Tortorella’s press conferences.

Tortorella clearly wants nothing to do with any situation involving speaking to the media, and last night (following a 3-2 loss, likely not coincidentally), it resulted in one of his briefest outings behind the microphone yet. Where Cowherd came in: he thought that perhaps one reason for Tortorella’s non-answers (some of which you can hear below) was that newspapers aren’t assigning their best people to cover the hockey beat.

Cowherd’s claim that “young, cheap people” are covering hockey – thereby leading to worse press conference questions, the type that someone like Tortorella would be more likely to brush aside – was roundly rebuked. Fine. That’s usually what happens when Colin Cowherd makes bold claims for which he doesn’t provide actual supporting evidence.

But it made us think about something a little different – namely, the fact that Tortorella’s press conferences are being treated in many circles as a funny little lark. Take SportsCenter, which today played Tortorella’s press conference from last night with a timer at the bottom, so viewers could see the exact amount of time it took before Torts could no longer stand to even condescend to reporters – because, you know, that might give them the slightest idea that he acknowledges them as fellow human beings).

The time has come to stop doing that – and in fairness, it seems to be happening. The “Tortorella is a dick to reporters” thing didn’t start last night. Again, we posted this 11 days ago. There’s enough material to do stuff like this. Even if Tortorella’s trying to be amusing – even if he was amusing at one point – the bit’s getting old.

Tortorella’s not under any obligation to be nice to everybody. If he wants to be short with everyone, he can. And not every question’s going to be great – sometimes, his attitude will be justified. But if the active celebrating of that attitude goes any further, the media’s just going to look pathetic. Again, fewer and fewer people seem like they’re enjoying it. But why does anyone still enjoy it? The man holds – at least acts like he holds – reporters in utter contempt. Don’t play along.