Colin Cowherd Announces Sitcom Will Never See Light Of Day, Internet Rejoices

  • Glenn Davis

We won’t have CBS’ Colin-Cowherd-themed sitcom to kick around anymore. The radio/SportsNation host tweeted yesterday that CBS decided not to give the show a shot. Though the show never aired, in a way, we already miss it. Why? Because everyone banding together to make fun of Colin Cowherd’s sitcom was great fun.

Luckily, we get one last bit of Cowherd-show-ripping with the news that the program will never get a chance. “Your brief national nightmare is over,” says The Big Lead. “America Mercifully Spared From Awful Sitcom About Colin Cowherd’s Life,” sighs Deadspin out of relief. “Best news I’ve seen in a while,” says this person. “THERE IS A GOD,” a friend of mine exulted when i told him the news. (He wasn’t the only one.)

As for us, it was pretty clear we never expected much from the show, except that it wouldn’t be any good. We weren’t sure Cowherd himself expected especially much, either. Really, we don’t know why anyone, at any point, thought it was a good idea.

Still, though, we had some morbid curiosity to see how the show actually turned out. Would the dialogue in the first episode closely adhere to that of the leaked pilot script (would not have been a good thing if so)? Would things improve at all from that script? Just how vicious could the insults aimed at the show get? These would have been fun storylines to follow (much more so, needless to say, than anything in the actual show), and we feel a little bit robbed that we’ll never get to see them pan out. But just a little bit.