Introducing Cybro Monday, Scoring The Sickest Bro Deals For Bros Everywhere

  • Glenn Davis

Sup bro. You know where you’re gonna do your holiday shopping? What’s that? You think you’re gonna go to Target or some shit? You messin’ with me bro? You serious right now? You’re gonna sit there and spend your money like a PUSSY?! No way. No bro of mine is gonna shop like he has some small dick, and bro, have I got the thing for you:


Come on, look at this, bro! A bro deal – a deal tailored specifically to bros! And check this out, same site: Six Week Shred! Bro, I know how you love to shred and… bro, calm down. I didn’t say you WEREN’T shredding, bro. Just that this might help you shred even harder and – bro. Bro. You shred mad hard. No one said you don’t, bro, so let’s be solid bros and chill. Maybe crush a couple brews.

But you should totally get that deal, bro. I’m telling you, you need the best bro deals on the best bro brands for max bro-out. And you’re never gonna get a better chance than now. Seriously, bro. Man up and get this shit done. YOL[br]O.

[h/t Josh Barrbro via the Franchise]