The Daily Show And Colbert Take On The World Cup

  • Glenn Davis

Actor/comedian/Daily Show correspondent John Oliver is a soccer fan from England, so he was a natural choice to file reports World Cup reports from South Africa, which he’ll be doing over the next month. Last night, his first report aired – though this one was from the U.S.’ World Cup training camp headquarters in Princeton. And as a bonus, Stephen Colbert talked about the World Cup too, and staged a mock debate about soccer’s merits. In both cases, hijinks ensued.

Unsurprisingly, as it aired in the shadow of the highly anticipated match between the U.S. and England tomorrow, Oliver’s tone was (tongue-in-cheek) mocking. He asked reserve U.S. goalie Marcus Hahnemann about the contest:

Why do you have a positive mindset when you’re staring into the abyss of inevitable defeat?

Predictably, Oliver then attends a match and is amazed at how well the U.S. plays, so he then tries to sabotage them with faulty advice (example: telling one player that “apparently, a South African local delicacy is river water”), picks fights with mobs of American fans, then throws it back to former college soccer player Jon Stewart. Clip below:

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Stephen Colbert’s take on the World Cup (and accompanying sham panel discussion) might have actually been the better of the two shows’ soccer segments. Colbert noted the England matchup means we “finally have a chance to get back at those limey bastards for the oil spill,” then had soccer-hating Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher and Newsweek’s Mark Starr, a soccer fan, on for a “debate.”

Of course, Colbert quickly took Fisher’s side and jumped all over everything Starr said, which truth be told, made for much more fun television than an actual reasoned debate would have. Watch it below (soccer-related content starts at 2:45, before that is a discussion of Michael Jordan’s Hitler mustache):

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