Dan Le Batard Finally Honored His Horrible Bet With Charles Barkley

  • Eric Goldschein

Last year, Miami-area columnist and radio/TV personality Dan Le Batard made a bet with TNT analyst/shot taker Charles Barkley that the Heat would beat the Mavericks in the NBA Finals — and we all know how that worked out. Now, with the Heat on the cusp of the 2012 championship, Le Batard figured it was high time to pay up. The results were as unpleasant as you can imagine.

Apparently, the loser of the 2011 NBA Finals bet would have to walk around in a Speedo. And while Charles is looking slimmer these days, there’s no doubt that either one of these guys would look horrible in a small bathing suit. Le Batard, to his credit, realized that, and to compensate decided to go all out — and by all out, we mean use body paint and plaster a picture of Barkley on his butt:

There’s video of the whole unveiling taking place in Miami (at a club called the “Clevelander.” Yup. The Clevelander…) but we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t click on it. Suffice to say, Dan Le Batard looks insane and Charles Barkley gives him a hug — because what else do you do when a man is wearing a Speedo with your face on it?

h/t Reddit