Dan Le Batard’s Heat Title Rant Is The Way To Start Your Week

  • Glenn Davis

You might remember that when LeBron James first announced he was coming to the Heat in 2010, columnist/radio host/Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable guy Dan Le Batard went a little nuts, yelling about giant royal penises to “O Fortuna” and such. Well, as you definitely remember, the Heat won the title last week, and with that in mind, there could be no doubt that Le Batard would lose it again, throwing the Heat’s title in the face of every doubter and trash-talker… with “O Fortuna” backing him once again, of course.

And so he did. We didn’t talk about it when it first came out and the internet was flooded with Finals moments to write about, but now that all that’s over and the sports scene is ready to become a vast, barren newsless deathscape for large chunks of time, we present: Dan Le Batard loses mind about thing. It might even energize you on what is, at least around SportsGrid HQ, a pretty gloomy Monday morning.

Stay gold, Dan.

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