Dan Patrick And David Letterman Had An Icy Interview Last Night

  • Dan Fogarty

It all started because David Letterman had no idea what The Audience Network was. From there, Dan Patrick’s visit to the Late Show only got weirder.

Patrick, the studio host for NBC’s Football Night in America and host of The Dan Patrick Show, a national radio show that is also televised on DirectTV’s The Audience Network, was a guest with Dave last night. Letterman, in his sometimes prickly Letterman way, noted that he had absolutely no idea what The Audience Network was right before Patrick came out. Patrick, ever the proud sort, didn’t take too kindly to Dave’s prickliness. So he was prickly back. Basically, there was a lot of prickliness going back and forth.

Watch video of two broadcasting professionals trying to out-dick each other, here. CBS has more clips on the Late Show website.

Part 1: Dave doesn’t know what The Audience Network is

Part 2: Patrick and Letterman go back and forth

Part 3: I Just Saw How Dumb You Were, Dave (fast forward to 1:45)