David Beckham’s New Tattoo Of Jesus Symbolizes…David Beckham

  • Brad Cohen

After treating athletes like gods since, well, forever, it’s not exactly shocking that one of them would get confused enough to actually believe he was one. Of course, the first man to somewhat admit that confusion publicly is none other than Mr. David Beckham.

Beckham originally showed off his new tat, which covers the left side of his chest, on his Facebook page. In a video interview he discusses his new tattoo of Jesus, which actually symbolizes himself. Seriously, we couldn’t make this stuff up.

“It’s Jesus being carried by three cherubs, and obviously the cherubs are boys, so it’s kind of, my thought of it is, you know, at some point, my boys are going to need to look after me and that’s what they’re doing in the picture. Like I said, everything has a meaning that I’ve got on me.”

Unless you happen to be one of the five people who has never seen Becks with his shirt off—and if you are, just do a web search of “David Beckham;” it’s the first thing that pops up—you probably know this is not his first tattoo. As Yahoo! Sports points out, it’s also not his first religious tattoo—he has an angel on his back posed like a cross, “pray for me” written across his right wrist and one of his wife, Victoria, as a topless angel surrounded by stars.

However, this is on a whole other level, even for Beckham. Amazingly, he seems to have no sense this tattoo might be ill-perceived. He just flashes that trademark smile as he discusses its symbolism.

Congratulations, sir. First stop Jesus, next stop Knighthood.