David Beckham’s In Touch Libel Suit Thrown Out By Judge

  • Brad Cohen

David Beckham‘s lawsuit against In Touch Magazine (for printing a story about him paying $10,000 to cheat on his wife Victoria with a prostitute) was tossed out by a judge on Monday.

U.S. District Judge Manuel Real dismissed Beckham’s libel and slander suit due to a lack of evidence that the magazine published the story with malice, and because allegations of any infidelity by Beckham would be of interest to the public (let that be a lesson to all you athletes—if you cheat on your wife, especially if she happens to be a former Spice Girl, the public is going to eat that story up).

The dismissal of the suit doesn’t mean it’s the end of this story. The soccer star’s attorney, Richard B. Kendall, said he would appeal the decision in an attempt to disprove the claims that Beckham cheated on Victoria Beckham. Kendall said Beckham was in England, visiting his sick father at the time of the alleged incident, but the case was thrown out before he was able to prove such claims.

Elizabeth McNamara, who represented In Touch‘s owner Bauer Publishing Co., said the magazine did everything possible to corroborate details from prostitute Irma Nici’s on-the-record interview. She told the judge that Nici’s interview was “entirely consistent with Mr. Beckham’s reputation as a serial philanderer.”


Meanwhile, Beckham’s people have claimed that they have already won a lawsuit in Germany and awaiting damages, but lost this case simply because the U.S. judicial system requires proof of malice.

Details, financial and otherwise, were not revealed regarding the German suit, but Beckham was trying to sue In Touch for $25 million in the U.S., which is about the same amount he made in 6 months sitting on the bench for the L.A. Galaxy.

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